Med Surg Tele Nurses

Are you a health care professional looking to get into the field of medical-surgical nursing or telemetry nursing? Dzeel Clinical can help place you in your dream job through our years of experience hiring both medical-surgical nurses and telemetry nurses in NC and locations nationwide.

As a medical-surgical nurse or telemetry nurse, you can have the opportunity to work in the following kinds of health care environments:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • ICUs
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Skilled nursing homes
  • Urgent care centers
  • And more

Pursuing a Medical-Surgical Nursing Career

Medical-surgical nursing was originally viewed as an entry-level position. It has since evolved into a distinct and necessary specialty for every health care institution. Medical-surgical nurses master a variety of skills and routinely provide care to adult patients.

As a medical-surgical nurse, you may be assigned the following job responsibilities:

  • Make patient assessments
  • Administer care, treatments, medications and documentation
  • Educate patients, families, peers and other health care professionals
  • Care for patients who are diagnosed with a variety of medical conditions
  • Manage multiple patients at a time

Become a Telemetry Nurse in NC & Beyond

What is a day in the life like for a telemetry nurse? You will normally monitor patient’s vital signs with electrocardiograms or other life-sign measuring devices. You will also provide care to patients suffering from heart failure, gastrointestinal disease, diabetes and other acute illnesses.

As a telemetry nurse, you must be able to:

  • Measure blood pressure
  • Assess breathing patterns and level of consciousness
  • Operate heart monitoring equipment
  • Perform a variety of diagnostic tests
  • Administer medication and start intravenous lines

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Whether you are interested in a part-time telemetry nursing position or full-time career as a medical-surgical nurse, you can rely on the healthcare staffing professionals at Dzeel Clinical to find you the right job for your skill set. Browse our available positions today and submit your resume!

Along with med-surg and tele nurses, Dzeel Clinical is proud to hire highly trained ICU nursesOR nurses, Psychiatric nursesER nurses and Cardiac Cath Lab nurses in NC and nationwide.