Healthcare Staffing Services in North Carolina and nationwide


Our mission

We are excited for our future as we work together to live out our vision and mission at DZEEL CLINICAL. As a local family business, DZEEL CLINICAL, is invested in keeping healthcare facilities in North Carolina staffed with the best personnel, while keeping revenue within our local community.

Our core values

Our priority at DZEEL CLINICAL is building strong relationships while staffing the most reliable and educated team of clinicians across North Carolina. Our management philosophy and mission statement are focused on three keywords:

  • Reliability – as a vital part of our organization, we only employ individuals who are dedicated to their specialty and have a passion for patient care. At DZEEL we hold ourselves accountable to our clients, healthcare workers, and community.  
  • Relationships – we believe in building everlasting relationships and partnerships with all. 
  • Education – we are continuously evolving to meet the needs of our clients, clinicians and community.  

Our statement

DZEEL CLINICAL engages full potential of the employees, where innovation thrives, and views, beliefs and values are integrated. We are bringing results and quality ahead of time.